Wall painting at the Music School of Thessaloniki. Inspired by Thekla, one of the Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Like Thekla, incessantly being constructed by its inhabitants in fear that the city will inevitably wear out once it is completed, the artists and, in our case, the musicians, somewhat obsessed, focus on their work, their scores and compositions, fighting the inevitable wear and oblivion.

“Ifyouask: ‘Why is Thekla’s construction taking such a long time? ’the inhabitants continue hoisting sacks, lowering leaded strings, moving long brushes up and down, as they answer ‘So that it’s destruction cannot begin.’
And if asked whether they fear that, once the scaffoldings are removed, the city may begin to crumble and fall to pieces, they add hastily, in a whisper:

Italo Calvino / Invisible Cities

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